Flexible Schedule

Back to School Blues Going back to school is never fun. You’re probably worried about writing papers, homework, and reading long textbooks. You don’t have to worry because your classes…

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Multiple Ways to Earn Credit

The schools we work with have an amazing transfer credit policy. They will accept credits from 10+ years ago, credits from multiple schools, and will give credit for prior learning…

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The Cost of A Degree

College is Expensive As the cost of college tuition continues to rise, more and more people are looking for an alternative path for earning a college degree. Public university students…

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School Accreditation

Regional Accreditation We only work with colleges and universities that are regionally accredited. Regional Accreditation is the type of accreditation most institutions have in America because it is the highest…

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Career Exploration and Tools

Career Services Available The schools we work with offer career services to their students because their target audience is working adults. These services can help you prepare for an interview,…

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Breakdown of a Bachelor Degree

A Bachelor’s Degree Explained Bachelor degrees require 120 college credits. You will need to take a total of 40 college classes because each class is usually worth 3 credits. The…

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