Smarter by 1 Degree started five years ago when I was looking for dual credit for my daughter. She wanted to homeschool for 9th-12th grade and I wanted to find the best option for her. I found dual enrollment for her but I wanted something self-paced and focused on learning instead of busy work.

I kept searching and found alternative college credits. They were online, self-paced, and had zero homework! I spent the entire summer researching and learning everything there was about earning a bachelor degree in a non-traditional way.

After spending 40+ hours a week all summer, I realized I was definitely doing it for my daughter, and that I wanted to help others learn how to earn a degree in the most efficient way! Everyone thinks there is only one way to earn a degree because that is what we’ve always been told.

The truth is that you can earn a degree around your schedule for a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time. Fast forward 5 years and my daughter graduated high school with a bachelor’s degree at 16 and I have helped thousands of people with degree planning! My experience has led me to the perfect strategy for earning a bachelor’s degree!